Thursday, March 5, 2009

Psychological Evaluation

Another step completed. Most insurance companies and Surgeons require a psychologial evalulation of the patients before they ok the surgery and perform the surgery. I am no different. I had my appointment with they psychologist yesterday.

Well, the view from his office was amazing. It was the bay and Presque Isle. I bet it is spectacular during the summer. The bay is still slightly frozen, but that won't last long. He asked me several questions. Mostly background questions on my health and mental history. We did spend a good 10 minutes discussing my attempted suicide back in 1996. We discussed what I knew of the surgery, what I expected from it. I told him my ultimate goal was 150 lbs, but I would settle for anything under 200 lbs. I like the range between 180 and 150.

We also discussed my plans for exercizing. I am walking about 3 times a week right now for 30 minutes. I will be adding a day to that, I am also looking into purchasing an ellipical machine. He gave me great advice on that. A lot of the appointment was similar to sitting down and talking with my PCP for the first time. He was very relaxed and very nice.

When he was done interviewing me, I had to take a test to determine my Mental Acuity. 165 True or False "You crossed the Atlantic over 30 times last year" and "I am answering these questions in a way to make me look good."

Well after all 165 questions were done, my appointment was almost over. He explained that his report would be sent to my surgeon in about a week with his recommendation. I don't see there being a problem, I know what to expect from the surgery, have plenty of help and lots of support.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nutritionist's Group Session

I really should have posted this last week. The appointment was actuall a week ago today. I was just a little under the weather and didn't really feel like it. All better now. My surgeon requires anyone have Bariatric surgery to have two meetings with a nutritionist. One is a group session, and one is one on one. My one on one is in three weeks.

Well there was four of us for this one hour meeting. Heidi, who is the nutritionist, went over several things that we will have to adjust to with our new bellies and our new diets. She advised us on what kinds of vitamins we would need to be taking following the surgery. Where to get them, and what additional supplements would need to be taken. Most of the vitamins taken immediately following surgery, along with all other medications, must either be chewable or ground up.

She suggested the we start a food journal, which I already have. I do, however, need to make a few adjustments to my journal. Which I will do, when I start my new book on March 11. Three months down already. She also suggested that we keep physical activity mentioned in the journal. Any exercise we do. That way we can easily keep track of that.

I have to give up Caffeine!!!!! God No!!!!...Ok, a little exaggeration, because I knew this step was coming. As of Sunday, March 1, I have cut my regular coffee with Decaf. Half and half for the next month. On April 1, I will cut it to 3 parts, 1 part caf, 2 parts non caf. Hopefully by May 1, I will be drinking Decaf. Decaf for the next year.

The only other major change I see happening is the "no drinking while eating" change. Because you can wash away needed nutrients, you should not drink while eating after this kind of surgery. This is something else that is going to take me a couple months to get used to. They call it the 30 rule. No drinking for 30 minutes before the meal, take up to 30 minutes to eat the meal, and no drinking for 30 minutes after the meal. 90 minutes without a drink. I think the only time I do that now is when I am sleeping.

The rest of the information was basically portion control, and common sense stuff. Stay hydrated, exercise, no sugar, test the foods. You may be able to eat stuff you could not eat before and there will be things you love eating now, but will not be able to tolerate afterwards.

I am really looking forward to my one on one with Heidi to see how far I have to go.