Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days? Where all you can do is doubt everything? Well I am having one of those today. I spoke with my insurance company last night and they sent me information on what they require in order to approve the surgery. Then I started the "what if after all this, they still don't approve it?" questions.

Barely slept last night thinking about that. I have not really eaten anything because of it. I mean what if I go through all these steps, jump through all these hoops, get every test done, be ready to go, and then they say no. These are the thoughts that are haunting me now. I guess everyone feels this every once in a while. Maybe I am just over-reacting.

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TexasHoosier said...

Hey Girl--CHIN UP!! No fretting yet! I hate insurance companies, so I am going to school to become an insurance specialist to become a patient advocate...my advice...get a copy of your insurance handbook (not just the summary), read the "fine print" about exclusions, and justifications that could override the exclusions, and work towards medical documentation that would meet the required justifications. Go on the "offensive", make "their" game be "your" game.

I know that I don't "really" know you, except through the NW forums...but I am proud of you! You ARE a beautiful person!

~ Cheryl