Friday, December 12, 2008

The Sleep Test

OK, I am exhausted. Last night was my Sleep Apnea test. But let me tell you, I have two of the craziest, sweetest, nicest friends you can imagine. They were STALKING me last night. When I got to the Hamot Heart Institute, which is where my sleep test was, there they were. In Emily's car, just waiting for me. They are too funny. Well they waited with me until the girls who work in the center came down. Emily even brought me some reading material. A book on weight-loss surgery.

Well, I got into the center shortly before 8:30 PM. They showed me the room I would be doing my test in. It was cute, small, but cute. The room had a TV, a double bed and nice-sized bathroom. No counter space though in the bathroom. I needed to change into my night clothes and get ready for the big wiring.

Well Melissa, the girl who was my attendant for the evening, came in and started to wire me up. She drew lines on my face, my head, and my chest. Then started to attach these probes to me. I am beginning to understand why Frankenstein was so angry all the time. By the time she was done, I had a wire protruding from almost every part of my body. I was surprised they did not put one on my bum.

My question: How am I supposed to sleep with these all over me? That was not the end. Then she put this thing up my nose, that tickled like you would not believe. I kept sneezing it out. See even my nose does not want it. She ended up taping to my face. Time for bed. I had to have one of the heart monitor thingies on my finger, and then I could sleep. Again, How?

Well after a series of tests to make sure I was hooked up properly, it was beddie bye time. I laid down and tried, I will emphasize, TRIED to go to sleep. Yea right like that was going to happen. Well apparently it did. I actually slept. According to Melissa, a whole 2 hours. From 10:00PM to when I left at 5:30 AM, I got 2 hours of sleep. Real sleep. I hit REM for 2 hours. But I was in and out enough to get the required 6 hours for the study.

I could not wait to get home and get this goo off me. Then it was off to work. Well after washing the hair twice, and scrubbing like crazy, I still had remnants of the test all over me. And a nice rash developing where all the tape was. Joy. But it is over and the test results were negative. One more thing done that needed done for the surgery.

Now bring on my appointment. Which is scheduled. So this is really going to happen.


Suzassippi said...

So, I have to say you are courageous, for many reasons, and I wish you the best in this endeavor.

Kathy said...

I wish you all the best with this, Erie. It's not something you decide on lightly. A friend at work got her approval recently. She's looking at late January for her surgery. She barely qualified for the surgery weight-wise, but she's diabetic with a strong family history of early deaths because of it. She's determined, terrified and excited about getting it done. Sounds just about right to me!