Sunday, September 6, 2009

PCP Post Op Appointment

Well, sorry for not updating on Friday, by the time I got home I was bushed. My Primary Care Physician was so excited for my surgery. My official first weigh in was 274 lbs. She was so thrilled that I was able to show her my incisions.

After the appointment, my friend Kelly (who played my driver) took me on a run for some errands. By the time I got home, I was very tired and very sore. Thank God for pain medicine.

Well I have less than a week left of the liquid diet and am sooo looking forward to eating real food. I think my first meal will be an egg, scrambled. One promise I have made myself is to join the Y, and start to cook more. The more I cook, the more I can control my portions, and what I am eating.

My mom still cooks for 4 people, and we are constantly throwing food away because there is too much of it. So by learning to cook and starting to cook for both of us, will be better for both of us. I hope.

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