Monday, August 3, 2009

Consent signing

All the consent forms have been signed, and I am going to participate in a research program that they are doing. It is going to take 5 years of my progress, but I am really interested in how the post op progress goes.

I also have my pre-op instructions. Liquid diet starts on August 19. 6 carnation instant breakfasts a day (sugar free). Three for meals and three for snacks. The only thing I find wrong is that I have to use 1% milk. GROSS. I drink Skim. But with it being flavored, I can and will do it. No food can pass my lips during that time. WOW...writing that just hit me, no food. I will become very crafty during this time to keep my mind off food. I can also only drink one cup of coffee a day. Thank goodness I have cut out the caffeine.

Well I will let you know how the diet and pre-op stuff goes.

Till tomorrow, 23 days until my surgery

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Kim said...

Good luck with the diet and then the surgery! You are incredibly brave to go through with the surgery. HUGS. My thoughts are with you.