Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, It is Saturday night, and I am sitting in my own bed recuperating from my surgery. Let's go back. I had to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM on Wednesday. Did not get much time to relax. Checked in at information, then registered in the admission area. From there we (Mom and I) were sent to the second floor where the operating rooms were. We got comfortable in selected chairs, I emptied my bladder, and the next thing I know they are calling me to Pre-Op.

Got into Pre-Op, weight taken, vitals taken, and the questions started. When was the last time I ate or drank anything, what is my name, what is my birthday, what procedure am I having. Over and over and over again. I kind of got tired of answering the what is your birthday question. That one stayed with me through my surgery and after.

I got changed out of my clothes into a hospital gown, my vitals taken again. They put pressure wraps on my feet to keep my blood flowing there, and finally put in my first of several IVs. (yes I said several, [4 in all]). The pre-op nurse asked many questions. Most of them I could answer, but the "have you ever had a problem with anesthesia?" was a question I couldn't answer. She, along with everyone in earshot, found it amazing that I had never has surgery.

The anesthesiology assistant then came in to explain what was going to happen once I got in the OR. I met my anesthesiologist, and the OR nurse, and Dr. Arreola made a visit. Promised everything would go well.

It was time to wheel me into OR. I got in, and immediately there were like 20 people all around me. They started working on my Arterial line (my worst bruise). The last thing I remember hearing was the anesthesiologist tell me to take deeper breaths. The next thing I heard, was it all over and everything went well. I was in recover. I spend maybe 15 minutes (that I remember) in recovery, saw my mom, and was wheeled to my room.

My fan club was already there waiting for me. Shelly, Emily, Kelly, Mickey, and Mom. That was a room full. After a few minutes, they unpacked my luggage, and I shocked Shelly, because as out of it as I was, I still called off everything that was in my suitcase. Hahaha, drugged up to the gourd, I am still good.

Well I promise to finish this story later, but I need some sleep.

Until then, stay safe.

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