Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Liquid Diet Day 1

Today is the first day of my liquid diet. So far so good. I have found that chewing sugar free gum between my 6 shakes has helped curb my need for food.

So the liquid diet is 6 carnation instant breakfast sugar free shakes. They come in three flavors chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. So this is my schedule, shake at 6:30 AM, one cup of coffee at work, shake at 9:00 AM, water, shake at 11:30 AM, water, shake at 2:00 PM, water, shake at 5:00 PM, water, shake at 7:30 PM, water, and sugar free fruit pop at 8:30. I am mixing my water with crystal light sometime. It is a good mix up.

Last night my two best friends (Emily and Shelly) took pictures of me for my before picks, then we highlighted (frosted) Emily's hair, and went to dinner. They would not allow me to have my last meal before my surgery without them. I was planning on McDonald's, Wendy's or Arby's and we had Applebee's. It was wonderful. Not the food, but the company.

As part of my liquid diet, I am cleaning. It is a good way to keep my mind off the food. So, hopefully by the time my surgery rolls around next week, I will have the room completely cleaned.

7 days till surgery.

Till next time.

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