Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some realizations

As I was walking around the Erie Zoo yesterday on my daily walk, I was thinking, wow this process actually went quicker than I thought.  It seems just yesterday I was calling my doctor and asking for a referral to the surgeons office.  My friend Emily was so excited for me that she even bought me a book to read on the subject just days after my decision.  And now I am only 3 weeks away from the reality of it.

21 days.  I wonder if the animals at the zoo that have come to recognize me, we know who I am when I have lost all my weight.  I hope so, I have come very used to the llama and swans coming to greet me.  And I love that the giraffe sticks his tongue out at me everytime I stop to say hi.  Even a couple of the big cats know who I am.  Yes I spend that much time at the zoo.  Memberships are wonderful for that.

I have started to think about how much I will change and the entire new closet I will have to buy.  That will be fun.  As you can tell I am excited.

Testing tomorrow, I will let you know how that goes.


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Akutan's April Dawn said...

Wow, 3 weeks huh.... are you scared at all? I can tell you're super excited. Just know that you do have people out in the world who care and I will be hoping and praying for a great recovery and for an awesome outcome!!

I lost about 50lbs in a year by drastically changing my diet and working out everyday (realized I'm not a kid anymore and can't eat that much junk and candy!!).

I do hope that the animals remember you, they hopefully should... and if not they should be able to recognize your voice and how you smell at least!!

Good luck with everything! Oh shopping sounds so much fun, especially when you get to a size where you can fit almost everything a store offers. I always hated stuff not being in my size - all the cute stuff anyways that I wanted. Have fun shopping!!

First, be healthy and recover. I'll be thinking of you!!