Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre-OP testing

Well talk about pain.  I have a usually high tolerance of pain, but I had to have some blood draw this morning.  I don't have strong enough veins or findable veins in my arms, so I usually have the blood drawn from my wrists or tops of my hands.  The phlebotonist this morning was really clueless.  After poking my arms for 10 minutes, she decided I was not joking about the wrist/hand thing.  So she started with my right hand.  Well after rooting around for the vein, she gave up.  Then she went to my left wrist.  Again, she could not find the vein.  Had to root around.  Finally she asked for help.  Another girl came over and bang, vein found, blood flowing.  WOW.  I am haveing a hard time trying to figure how that one kept her job.

I sat there very patiently, but with the second try, the needle was a little closer to some nerves and I kept flinching.  One thing good came out of the experience, I sat there long enough that I was able to give them a very good urine sample.

Know I am nervous about the IV that I will have.  Will they be able to put in the top of my hand, or are they going to try and root around for a good vein in my arm.  

20 days and counting.  The excitement and nerves are beginning to grow.

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Akutan's April Dawn said...

OMG... yeah really how did that chic keep her job. i would have bitched and complained. I HATE needles... with a passion I hate needles (but yet I like get tattoos and body piercings) but when it comes to hypodermic needles. I hate them!!

Sorry they didn't listen to you about your wrist/hand. Hate when they do it their way instead of listening to you (the person who would know!!) Hopefully they put your IV in your hand so they don't poke you up anymore than they already have!!

OMG I so would have been complaining to someone. That's just not right!!! Sorry you had to deal with that...